Adhesive Solutions for Window Films

Interior and exterior commercial window films are a popular way to improve energy efficiency, interior comfort, and provide privacy and aesthetic appeal. Green and sustainable building trends, and improved manufacturing processes and products are gaining traction in using these films for both retrofit and new applications.

Window film adhesives need to last 15 years or longer, and provide bond integrity between the film and glass without impacting the function of the film. Clarity, tensile strength, dimensional stability, and ability to accept a variety of surface-applied or embedded treatments are many of the performance characteristics that need to be considered in applications.

Avery Dennison Performance Polymers provides an extensive line of solvent acrylic adhesives with high molecular weight. These high performance adhesives: 

  • Are temporarily repositionable with good ultimate wet out onto glass surfaces, offering easy installation while maintaining bond integrity
  • Provide optical clarity with low levels of light refraction, allowing films to perform exactly as intended
  • Perform with excellent resistance to UV light, chemicals and moisture for long-term durability
  • Feature high shear strength for good adherance to films
  • Offer a low MVTR to complement end-product performance

Window film applications often require adhesives formulated specifically to bond with unique materials. Working closely with our customers, our scientists and engineers can quickly adjust existing adhesive platforms or develop new polymer systems to address the most complex challenges.


At Avery Dennison Performance Polymers, our technical service and R&D teams bring together extensive Materials Science knowledge and polymer design and formulation. We combine our coating and converting know-how with a deep understanding of end-user applications. And, our team has the capability to quickly tailor and customize adhesives to provide the right solution to your unique application-driven challenges.

For more information about our pressure-sensitive adhesives for window film applications, visit the product selector or contact our adhesive experts today.