Adhesive Solutions for Flooring and Carpeting

Our UV-cured, emulsion acrylic and solvent acrylic adhesives provide both the specific bonding needs of an application and low VOC performance to meet the requirements of various OEM specifications and regulatory standards — including VDA 278 and VDA 270.

Peel and stick flooring, carpeting, and underlayment bonding and fixation solutions require the proper adhesive for overall performance and customer satisfaction of the product. Consumers expect flexibility to quickly and easily reposition during installation, and the finished application to maintain a high level of performance for longevity.

Avery Dennison Performance Polymers provides a portfolio of emulsion and solvent modified (“tackified”) acrylic adhesives for flooring applications. These adhesives:

  • Provide bond integrity to a wide range of common flooring and subfloor materials, and textures
  • Resist plasticizers to maintain a bond to vinyl and other laminate materials
  • Resist water, household chemicals and commercial cleaning agents to prevent the adhesive from degrading over time
  • Are temporarily repositionable to allow for rework in order to provide an easy installation experience

Flooring and carpeting applications often require adhesives formulated specifically to bond with unique materials. Working closely with our customers, our scientists and engineers can quickly adjust existing adhesive platforms or develop new polymer systems to address the most complex challenges.


At Avery Dennison Performance Polymers, our technical service and R&D teams bring together extensive Materials Science knowledge and polymer design and formulation. We combine our coating and converting know-how with a deep understanding of end-user applications. And, our team has the capability to quickly tailor and customize adhesives to provide the right solution to your unique application-driven challenges.

For more information about our pressure-sensitive adhesives for flooring and carpeting applications, visit the product selector or contact our adhesive experts today.