Rubber Hot Melt Adhesives

Performance Polymers provides a selection of rubber hot melt adhesives for a variety of label and tape applications. Applications like tire labels, direct food contact and freezer-grade labels often use specialized hot melt adhesives, which offer an economical solution for a wide range of these demanding applications.

What is a Rubber Hot Melt Adhesive

Rubber hot melt adhesives are typically formulated from a block copolymer like a styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS), and tackifiers, oils, plasticizers, and optional functional additives. Adhesives are then heated to a temperature of around 160-190°C (325-375°F) in order to be coated as part of a label stock or tape product. Because of the inherent nature of block copolymers, these rubber-based adhesives tend to have a lower modulus of elasticity than most solvent and emulsion adhesives. This low modulus results in a highly conformable adhesive that often features a higher adhesive flow than other alternative technologies.

Adhesive Performance

Avery Dennison hot melt adhesives are engineered to maintain consistent performance throughout a wide range of coatweights and provide a variety of performance characteristics.

Due to the high adhesive flow, rubber-based adhesives typically have high tack and adhesion. These adhesives provide bond integrity to most substrates, including rough or textured surfaces, and Low Surface Energy (LSE) materials like polypropylene. They offer excellent performance at low temperatures, and often allow for applications at lower temperatures than other types of adhesives.

The downside of rubber hot melt adhesives is that they generally have lower cohesion and shear performance compared to alternative PSAs. They are also susceptible to aging, high temperatures, and a range of other environmental factors.


At Avery Dennison Performance Polymers, our technical service and R&D teams bring together extensive Materials Science knowledge and polymer design and formulation. We combine our coating and converting know-how with a deep understanding of end-user applications. And, our team has the capability to quickly tailor and customize adhesives to provide the right solution to your unique application-driven challenges.

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