Optimization through Customization

Performance Polymers helps customer run faster by solving an adhesive foaming issue

At Avery Dennison Performance Polymers, we understand that adhesives are about more than just chemistry. From concept to commercialization, our sales and technical teams will work closely with you to understand your applications, coating and converting processes, all while combining this expertise with our deep understanding of polymer science to find the right solution. In this series, you will see examples of what it means to partner with Performance Polymers, and how it can make the difference for you.

When a global producer of highly-engineered laminates was facing supply issues with a competitive adhesive they had been using for years, they turned to Avery Dennison Performance Polymers to solve this issue and increase their productivity. 

After analyzing the adhesive and process, Mike Leisner, technical services manager, and the Performance Polymers team customized an adhesive for the customer. This custom adhesive featured a defoamer to reduce the formation of air bubbles caused by adhesive recycling at high coating speeds. They also added a customized coating package, specific to the customer’s coating asset and process, to improve overall coating performance.  

After testing a series of adhesive iterations in their lab using samples of the customer’s proprietary materials, they developed an optimized adhesive formulation designed to solve the coating challenges. As a final test, a 24-hour coating trial was completed to ensure that the adhesive would run smoothly on the customer’s coater under varying conditions, confirming that the adhesive would perform consistently over the long run.

With this customized adhesive, Mike and the team were able to resolveaddress and resolve the customer’s production challenges and help optimize their process. The adhesive allowed the customer to run their coater almost 20% faster than with the previous adhesive, and resulted in a 25% reduction in scrap adhesive rates for this application. “One of the things I like most about my job is the ability to add value by solving customer problems,” said Mike. “And this challenge was an excellent chance to do just that, by providing our customer with tangible improvements over their previous product.” 


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