Adhesives for Traffic Graphics

Permanent roadway signage or temporary work zone identification? We have the emulsion and solvent adhesives needed for retro-reflective and glass bead materials.

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Roadway salt. Dirt. Subzero temperatures. Whatever the weather, our emulsion and solvent adhesive solutions can handle it. Our proprietary adhesives work beautifully with reflective films and sheetings, bonding reliably to metal, wood and plastic. Plus, their extreme temperature performance creates important peace of mind for manufacturers and end users alike. Concerned about a specific global regulation? Talk to us. Our products meet national and international safety standards. All testing was conducted at a 1 mil coat weight on stainless steel.

Spec 180° Peel Initial 180° Peel Final Loop Tack  Shear 1/2"x1/2"x500g Low Temp Performance High Temp Performance Low Surface Energy Perf.