Adhesives for Fleet Marking and Vehicle Wrap Graphics

With our short- and long-term removable adhesive formulations, vehicles of all shapes and sizes can now be mobile billboards for brand messages, corporate identities and causes of all kinds.

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Durability. Printability. Ease of application. And yes, extreme environmental and low surface energy performance with superior conformability. Our removable emulsion and solvent adhesive formulations have been specially designed to deliver these functional benefits for vehicle wraps and fleet markings, working seamlessly with opaque or digitally printable cast, calendered, reflective and specialty films. Need repositionability? Talk to us. We have a solution that will work for you. All testing was conducted at a 1 mil coat weight on stainless steel.

Spec 180° Peel Initial 180° Peel Final Loop Tack  Shear 1/2"x1/2"x500g Low Temp Performance High Temp Performance Low Surface Energy Perf.