Our Capabilities



At Performance Polymers, our focus is on custom polymer synthesis and innovative formulating for targeted markets where we can offer optimum customer value. We specialize in emulsion and solution polymerizations, as well as hot melt adhesives. Beyond the engineering of polymers, our innovative formulating expertise allows us to maximize performance and help solve unique customer problems. For example, our customized coater packages are tailored to specific customer equipment and process conditions. Plus, we have extensive know-how regarding high speed, wide web coating.

Our market-leading line of acrylic and vinyl acrylic PSAs is accompanied by a broad polymer portfolio with Tgs ranging from -60 to 100 ℃ (-76 to 212 ℉).

These capabilities, combined with our research and development resources, global production facilities and commitment to value, will result in effective solutions targeted to your specific applications.



We Offer:


From exploratory research to product delivery and after-sales support, customer service is a focus for our organization. We value good communication, first listening to customer needs and then translating them into accurate product specifications. We also tailor our research and development efforts to specific customer requirements.


  • Quick sample request turnaround time

  • Custom synthesis and compounding

  • Vendor-managed inventory programs

  • Rapid order fulfillment, drum to tank truck

  • Lab, pilot plant and full-scale production in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific

  • Prompt support from trained coating experts


In short, customer service is a team activity at Performance Polymers, with knowledgeable, dedicated professionals working quickly to find solutions that generate customer success.